Lil Wayne’s European Tour Wasn’t Canceled

Photo: Jeff Fusco

The Guardian reports today that Lil Wayne has canceled a European tour — which had only one confirmed date, in Cork, Ireland, but was presumed to hit a bunch of those festivals they've got over there — after being denied a U.K. via as result of his criminal record. But according to a statement from Wayne's management, "No visa was ever filed, nor were there any tour dates announced, or tickets sold. Lil Wayne is currently headlining his I Am Still Music Tour across the U.S. and Canada with plans to extend the tour through North America this summer. We hope to bring the I Am Still Music Tour to the U.K. in the later half of the year." And when he does — don't screw it up for everyone, British visa office employees! [Billboard, Guardian UK via ArtsBeat/NYT]