Community Helped Stephen Tobolowsky Recover From Open-Heart Surgery

COMMUNITY -- "Competitive Wine Tasting" Episode 219 -- Pictured: Stephen Tobolowsky as Professor Sheffield -- Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC Photo: Lewis Jacobs/? NBC Universal, Inc.

Stephen Tobolowsky's guest spot on Community last night was cute and all, but it was more than your average one-off: Tobolowsky had just had major heart surgery when he filmed the episode, and he says the part — which was written with his recovery in mind and shot to accommodate his condition — helped him heal. "Because of the generosity of spirit shown to me by those in the know at Community and their willingness to step over the line of comfort and give me a job at a moment when I was most afraid, I was able to feel the most overlooked element of the recovery process — a sense of purpose," he writes in an essay called "My Heartfelt Thanks to Community. "At a time when my heart was in question, my friends on Community stepped up and offered me theirs." Is there nothing this show can't do?! [Wrap]