Correction: Toni Braxton Does Not Think She Has a Perfect Life


A little less than two weeks ago, the New York Post published an article about how Toni Braxton's new reality show, We's Braxton Family Values, may be the singer's "last hope" of success and quoted some dialogue from the series. Today they issued a correction about that dialogue: "The Post incorrectly attributed a quote to Toni Braxton in an article published on March 25. Braxton did not say: 'I have a big-ass house, three cars and I fly first class all around the world. Some say I have the perfect life.'" Look, the writer was clearly just flipping back and forth between Braxton Family Values and any episode of Real Housewives, and got momentarily confused as to who said what. Could happen to anyone. [NYP via Jeff Bercovici/Twitter]