Watch Cougar Town’s Last Actor vs. Writer Standoff


There's good news and bad news for Cougar Town fans today. First, the positive: We're now less than two weeks away from the show's prime-time return (a special episode airs Monday, April 18; Wednesday installments resume April 20). But with official CT just around the corner, the end is nigh for Cougar Town on Vulture. Thus, today's installment is something of a farewell: It pits co-creator Kevin Biegel against series regular Christa Miller as they battle for the right to offer up an official good-bye message to Vulture readers. Serving as referee in this battle is the show's other co-creator, Bill Lawrence. Will he choose his perky young colleague (that would be Biegel), or let a cast member do the honors? Spoiler alert: Lawrence is married to Miller. You can pretty much guess how this turns out. Meanwhile, though today marks the official end of our special series, stay tuned next week for a Cougar Town preview.