The Devil’s Double Trailer: The Parent Trap Was Never This Brutal


Dominic Cooper has long been considered one of Hollywood's up-and-comers, but after his star-making, sexy turn in The History Boys, he's mostly been relegated to supporting parts. Consider The Devil's Double his overdue repayment, then: In this tale of bling and torture in Iraq, Cooper plays both leading men. Not only is he Saddam Hussein's psychotic, cigar-chomping son Uday, but he's also Latif, the dupe with a strong resemblance who's hired (or kidnapped, really) to become Uday's double. The pros of the arrangement are numerous: Latif gets to indulge in beautiful clothes and gaudy mansions, all while sampling some of Uday's concubine spillover. The cons? Well, things don't end quite that well for the Husseins — or the men who pretend to be them. After the film's well-received Sundance debut, however, we have a feeling that Cooper's stint doubling for Uday will pay better dividends.