Which New Cable Show about Powerful Men Has the Best Sex, Gore, Incest and More?


Dynastic succession is so hot right now! Or at least, that's what you might think from taking a gander at a slate of new TV offerings. Showtime's The Borgias (Sunday, 9 pm), Starz's Camelot (tonight, 10 pm), HBO's Game of Thrones (April 17th, 9 pm) and the Reelz Channels The Kennedys (Sunday, 8pm) are all about powerful men fighting for power and the strife, bodice ripping, screwing, sword fighting, and fur wearing that goes along with it. (Fine, the Kennedys didn't do so much fur wearing and only conducted sword fights with their anatomical swords, but otherwise, lots in common!) Despite all the similarities, as Studio 60 and 30 Rock proved (if Armageddon and Deep Impact did not), not every show covers the same material in the same way: Some shows just do graphic sex scenes between a powerful man and his courtesan better than others, you know? So, to help you distinguish between these series, we've identified which show is best at what. After all, not all gratuitous nudity is created equal, and you shouldn't have to hypothesize about which new premium cable show has the most of it. Check out the slideshow and wonder no more.