Everyone Liked Arcade Fire’s Coachella Set, Too


Kanye's intricate Coachella-ending set is receiving good marks this morning, but Arcade Fire's Saturday-night appearance is not being overlooked. Pretty much everyone liked it, especially the set-closing run-through of "Wake Up," which was punctuated by the release of giant glowing balls. Explains The Hollywood Reporter: "Each, somehow, was magically lit up in varying shades of blue, red and green by remote control, creating an audience-wide light show." Sounds cool! (By the way, LCD Soundsystem had a ball drop at their finale MSG show, but their balls weren't glowing.) More to the point: Courtesy some sponsorship from uppity chewing-gum brand 5, you can already see a slickly edited video of Arcade Fire doing "Wake Up" at Coachella, complete with wondrous ball action. Thank you, uppity gum, for making lots of people feel a little bit less left out this morning.