Fight for Your Right Revisited Trailer: Beastie Boys Always on Vacation!


The Beastie Boys have spent the better part of their eclectic post-Licensed to Ill career distancing themselves, both musically and personally, from their massive, divisive, intermittently misogynistic debut. But now, after two-and-a-half decades mulling it over, they're ready to go back to that era. And the result — the Adam Yauch directed short Fight For Your Right Revisited, a thirty-minute movie that's making its presence felt along with the promo run for their upcoming album Hot Sauce Committee Vol. 2 — looks awesome. Vulture has already provided you with a cameo guide, from the flick's Sundance premiere, but now you can see for yourself the trailer, soundtracked by the new album's "Make Some Noise." Explaining what is seen here would involve us gushing involuntarily, so let's just say that Danny McBride was born to spray-hump a beer can on the top of a police car, and leave it at that.