Friday Night Lights Recap: Hello, Good-bye


When last we saw the East Dillon Lions, they were triumphant. The team of cast-offs, good-for-nothings, and charming fat kids named Tinker had done the impossible and vanquished their (blue) blood rivals, the Dillon Panthers — on the strength of a Landry field goal no less! But life in Texas moves on, something we’re quickly reminded of in the opening shots of Friday Night Lights’ fifth and final season. The trash is getting picked up on a hot August day. The celebrations are done. So are the vacations and the hiatuses (hiati?). Even Slammin’ Sammy is back on the air, “sweating like a whore in church.” Translation: Summer’s over, football fans. It’s time to go to work.

Read the rest of the recap, originally published when DirecTV aired the episode in October, here.