George Saunders Talks About Getting Started as a Writer


George Saunders is, in my opinion, the best writer of humorous fiction out there today. He is also hugely inspiring when he talks about writing, so if you’re looking for a little dose of kick-in-the-ass, here’s a great new interview with him about getting started as a writer. A sample: “Well, this is sort of old-fartish advice – that is, the type of advice someone who already has a tenure-track job would give — but I do mean it: I think the only defensible position is to sort of say to hell with making a living and put all your energy into making something new, that seems beautiful to you – that is, to try your best to push your work into a new/iconic place and let the chips fall where they may. Otherwise you’re putting the cart before the horse, and it’s very possible that the emphasis on making a living (or being viable, or commercial, etc etc) might cause you to miss a vital path – to be, that is, both (a) lame and (b) unpublished.”