Jon M. Chu Wants His G.I. Joe Movie to Be Gritty, 3-D


No shocker from the guy who made sure Justin Bieber: Never Say Never was 3-D, but Jon Chu, who's set to direct Paramount's sequel to G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra, wants Joe to pop right out at you. "I really want to do it in 3-D," he told Box Office magazine. "But the decision hasn’t been made yet. It's good to have a big discussion about that. I think it’s going to be perfect for it, but there are other factors that are built into it." In any case, Chu's setting the bar high for himself, claiming his movie will be soulful and gritty, and dissing past G.I. Joe movies: "There’s a grittiness to Joe ... and it was always that grittiness that I feel like if Joe had it in there, it would be a totally different movie and have a totally different feel. Joe has a soul. And I’ve never felt like I’ve had a movie of Joe where I can taste my childhood right there.” [Box Office via Movieline]