Guy Who Broke a Whole Bunch of Bones in Spider-Man Is Already Heading Back to Work


Remember Christopher Tierney, the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark actor who suffered four broken ribs and three fractured vertebrae from a horrific-sounding 30-foot headfirst fall a few months back? Well, that crazed maniac of a human being is already cleared to return to rehearsals for the show. Says his father, Tim: "The doctors originally thought he’d have the pins in [his lower back] for another three months, but his physical comeback has gone well and they gave him the OK early this week to go back into the cast." It's a nice little feel-good story for the show, and well-timed considering its returning from a high-profile creative shake-up pretty soon. More importantly, though: Christopher Tierney is a goddamn gangster. Good luck, sir. [ArtsBeat/NYT]