Helena Bonham Carter Could Be Your New Miss Havisham


Has there ever been a more inevitable match of actress and role? Helena Bonham Carter — who once voiced a character called the Corpse Bride and often dresses like one on the red carpet — is in talks with director Mike Newell to play Miss Havisham, the dessicated spinster who traipses around her mansion in a wedding dress she hasn't removed for years, in his new movie adaptation of Great Expectations. Yes, the movie has cast its Pip as well, War Horse lead Jeremy Irvine (also, Great Expectations is having kind of a moment right now, if you hadn't noticed), but who can focus on that when the mind starts reeling at Bonham Carter's potential dress, makeup, and wild hair? If her Oscar nomination for The King's Speech was a reward for using a comb and restraining her sense of personal style somewhat, consider this Bonham Carter's opportunity to burst back out. [Showblitz]