Hesher Trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Kills It, With Fire


Mark it down on your Natalie Portman 2011 scorecard: We're two movies down (The Other Woman and No Strings Attached) with three more to go. After Your Highness this weekend and Thor in early May comes Hesher, where Portman co-stars as a semi-mousy (like, "Jessica Alba as a math nerd" mousy) grocery-store clerk who becomes involved with a young boy and his unlikely mentor, a long-haired, frequently shirtless lunatic named Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). How crazy is Hesher? Well, he has the sort of ill-advised chest tattoo that Megan Fox and Tom Hardy would go wild for, and he's also a little bit of an arsonist, to judge from the blown-up cars and flaming diving boards he leaves in his wake. Hesher came into Sundance last year with high expectations and left with a bit of a bum rap, but if you like your indies flaming (and who doesn't), it might make for a good final stop on Portman's 2011 tour.