How Will January Jones’s Pregnancy Affect Mad Men’s Story Lines?

January Jones as Betty Draper Photo: AMC

Yesterday, January Jones announced that she is pregnant. Now it's time to grapple with the big question: How will this affect Mad Men? Since Jones will be with child during filming, Matt Weiner can either choose to write her pregnancy into the story, or write around it. If he does the latter, can we look forward to Betty suddenly becoming an anti-Vietnam protester just so she can wear giant sandwich-board posters onscreen? Will she start stress eating? Or will she just, as so many pregnant actresses before her, begin sporting some really large handbags? If the pregnancy does get written into the plot, what will be the fallout? Will Betty become even meaner to her three children with Don? Will this trigger another Mad Men almost-abortion story line? Will it put more or less pressure on her marriage? And is there now an added incentive to write Betty out of the show altogether? What are the other possibilities?