Immortals Trailer: Shirtless Superman vs. Mickey Rourke


When 300 was released four years ago, its buff bodies were something of a novelty: Muscular action heroes had fallen out of favor, and leading men were gawky Shia LaBeouf types or cut more like the lean Johnny Depp. Suffice it to say, the pendulum has since swung back toward bodybuilding. The summer-movie season is crammed with superheroes like Thor and Captain America who doff their costumes at the drop of a hat (all the better for a beefcake shot that can make its way into the trailer), revealing the sort of impossibly sculpted body that Stallone and Schwarzenegger used to have and even LaBeouf aspires to now. Consider Immortals the latest confirmation of this trend: It stars an infrequently clothed Henry Cavill — your newest Superman — matching wits and biceps with gods and monsters, including Mickey Rourke, Kellan Lutz, and Luke Evans, who've taken some time from their four-hour gym routines to vanquish a mere mortal. What should we call this new trend toward bulk? Let's take a cue from Immortals co-star Stephen Dorff: "It all felt like they were giving some of these actors fake breast implants. It was a lot of 'tit acting.'" [Apple]