In Celebration of Easter, Ricky Gervais Takes a Few More Cracks at Christianity


With Easter right around the corner, Ricky Gervais gets back on the atheist soapbox he first hopped on last Christmas. In a post on his site, he theorizes that despite not actually believing in God, he's a better Christian than most actual Christians, because he's a good person: "It's not that I don't believe that the teachings of Jesus wouldn't make this a better world if they were followed. It's just that they are rarely followed. Gandhi summed it up really. He said, 'I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.'" (If you're following the logic there, Gervais is more like Christ.) He also goes through each of the ten commandments, explaining how he actually follows every one of them, even the one about keeping the Sabbath. Oh, and the accompanying photo (seen in miniature to the left) is Ricky, shirtless, in the crucifix position, with a mike wrapped around his arms and the word "ATHEIST" scrawled across his chest. Happy Easter, everyone! [Official site]