Jason Sudeikis Continues Newfound Omnipresence With MTV Movie Awards Hosting Gig


Jason Sudeikis has just struck a decisive blow in the battle for "most famous current Saturday Night Live cast member": It was announced this morning that he'll be hosting the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. It's a nice showcase for the quietly ascendant Sudeikis, who's gone from, "Oh, it's that dude" status to leading man (whatever you thought of Hall Pass, he did star in it. Also, he's got the more promising Horrible Bosses up next). More important: With January Jones and, possibly, Scarlett Johannson in his dating history, he is also now unofficially the "Thinking Woman’s Sex Symbol." By the way, Kristen Wiig will of course make power moves on the "most famous current Saturday Night Live cast member" title if Bridesmaids hits big. Meanwhile, Andy Samberg's got Lonely Island's new album, but the potential there is limited. Stay tuned! [RyanSeacrest]