An Invisible Sign Trailer: Jessica Alba + Pigtails = Math Prodigy


What were you doing in 2008? Jessica Alba spent part of that year de-glamming herself to star as a math nerd in An Invisible Sign, which is just now making its way to On Demand services and into theaters (where it will bow May 6). The trailer is out, and you can listen as a presumably makeup-free Alba tells her character's story in a soothing "I'm narrating this movie for the deaf" voice-over: She was a little girl obsessed with math, but when her father suffered a health setback, she decided to embrace pigtails and mousy bangs instead of calculus. Will a job teaching math to little kids and the love of a good teacher (Chris Messina, who's romantically involved with a bangs-rocking Rashida Jones in a similarly muddy-brown indie out now, Monogamy — maybe he's got a type?) help her to open up to the world again? If those things can't do it, maybe the "oh oh oh, yeah yeah" folk-rock soundtrack will help. [Playlist/Indiewire]