John Travolta Believes Welcome Back, Kotter Is ‘Timeless’


The cast of Welcome Back, Kotter (minus Horshack) reunited on the TV Land Awards last night and filmed a segment for today's Good Morning America. They all seemed pretty jazzed about the reunion — "we're genuinely friends," gushed Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs — and about the show and its legacy in general. Everyone enthusiastically agreed when John Travolta called the show "timeless," because apparently "up your nose with a rubber hose" is to catchphrases what Jackie Onassis is to style.

And where did that catchphrase originate? Brooklyn, of course.

All this talk of the next generation of Travoltas watching the show, but no mention of the fact that only the first of four seasons is available on DVD? Typical, Sweathogs.