Jon Cryer Is Winning


Many apologies for the headline, but — seeing as Jon Cryer continues to be charming and funny and good-humored about his steady, well-paying television job being taken away because his co-worker couldn't keep his shit together — we couldn't resist. Cryer kicked off his restrained campaign by temping for Ellen, then followed it up with an admission of troll-ism on Conan. The latest iteration came with the Comedy Awards, the first of a presumably annual program televised on Comedy Central last night (Vulture already provided you with some highlights from the taping, because we got it like that). As you can see in the clip above, this is fake-rap done right: Major points to Cryer for not attempting to rap himself; even more points to whoever told Cryer to hire underground hip-hop heroes Buckshot and Pharoahe Monch for the gag. And the end result is: "Jon Cryer Will Fuck You Up." While Charlie Sheen is still very much out there, alienating and delighting his tour audiences in equal measure, Cryer's picking his spots and taking well-earned jabs without at all seeming mean-spirited. To which we say: Nicely done, sir. [NahRight]