Four In-Limbo TV Shows We Want Saved, and Four We Want Killed


Back in February, Vulture laid odds on the renewal chances of more than two-dozen struggling series. Since then, a number of these bubble shows have had their fates decided: Parks and Recreation, Fringe, and Community, for example, have all been renewed. (To paraphrase Ms. Black, "We, we, we so excited.") And yet, with about five weeks left before the broadcast networks reveal their fall schedules, at least a dozen shows still have no formal word on whether they'll be back. So we've decided to get proactive here at Vulture and narrow the list of bubble series to eight: Four shows we believe ought to get another chance at life, and four on which we're ready to pull the proverbial plug. We based our choices on a combination of factors, from a show's overall creative quality (Detroit 1-8-7) to its ratings merits (Parenthood). By the way, before you Chuck fans hit us with angry e-mails, please note: The only reason Bartowski & Co. didn't make the list is because, after four seasons, we don't think Chuck needs our help anymore. It's a solid, stable Monday-night performer, and we can't imagine NBC brass not keeping it around for at least one more year.