Kristen Wiig And The Loveable Oddballs


Kristen Wiig’s New York Times profile seems particularly concerned with the question of whether that an actress with such a deep well of bizarro characters can play a normal leading lady in her upcoming leading role, as if the lights might come up on Bridesmaids to reveal that it’s Dooneese rubbing her tiny baby hands all over John Hamm. That is a film I would definitely see, just like I’d watch Shanna in some sort of Basic Instinct 3-type erotic thriller. “I never think of them as annoying,” Wiig says of her frequently unsettling alter-egos. “If I had to put them in a category like that, I would just say a lot of my characters are that person at a party that you don’t want to talk to, because maybe they’re talking too much. It’s fun for me to play people that are just kind of odd.” Not that Wiig can really weight in on whether Gilly is in actuality hilarious or grating; she never watches her own performances. “I don’t want to know what I look like when I’m doing those things. because I think I’ll be too conscious of it when I do it again,” she explains. The idea that she’ll never actually see Garth and Kat seems way more sad than it ought to be.