Life in a Day Trailer: What Were You Doing on July 24?


Last year on July 24, Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald asked YouTubers from all over the world to record their day — be it mundane or exotic — and upload it onto the Internet. Macdonald then assembled the footage into Life in a Day, a globe-trotting, feature-length time capsule of one 24-hour day. (Imagine if you crossed the cinematic explosion of "found footage" movies with Christian Marclay's The Clock, and you might be getting somewhere.) One objection, though: Despite all the emotional uplift on display in the film's trailer, couldn't they have made room for one of July 24's most notably outlandish, blogged-about events: the Comic-Con fracas when a man was stabbed in the eye by a pencil-wielding Harry Potter fan because he refused to switch seats? Shots of babies being born and old people getting married are all well and good, but nerd-on-nerd violence says something about our world, too (namely, that there are some things so ridiculous you just can't make them up).