Lil B Had a Pretty Eventful Coachella

Li'l B at the IHEARTCOMIX/Fool's Gold Showcase during SXSW 2011 on Saturday, March 19, 2011. Brook Bobbins

Internet sensation Lil B — the young, technically limited rapper with such songs as "I'm Miley Cyrus" and "I'm Paris Hilton" to his name — made a splash at Coachella with this announcement: "Im'ma do the most controversial thing in hip hop ... Im'ma show you that words don't mean shit. Im'ma make an album called I'm Gay, right? Some people worried about what people meaning, the definition of words and shit. First of all, gay means happy. I love women, you feel me? But it just shows you, no matter what you do, live life, we only got one life to live. Be happy." It's not exactly a clear-eyed stand with the LGBT community, but he sounds like he means well, right? At the very least: Not many others in the notoriously homophobic hip-hop community would have the balls to do this. Thoughts? [RapRadar]