Liv Tyler Confirms Our Suspicions: Her Dad Steals Her Clothes


Tonight, when Steven Tyler walks onto American Idol's stage wearing his tight pants and chest-bearing button-down, consider this: He may be pulling from daughter Liv Tyler's wardrobe. At least, that's the thought Liv planted in our heads yesterday, when we caught up with her at the Brooklyn Artists Ball and asked what she thought of Dad's blouses. "His blouses! My dad wears girls' clothes — it's so funny. Sometimes I see him and I'm like, 'Nice shirt!', because it's from my closet." (Perhaps he swipes those feather hairpieces — or are those earrings? — from her vanity while he's at it.) As for what she thinks of her dad's reawakened sex appeal, she tells us, "I think he's really handsome. I feel really proud of him. I think he's a really amazing, magical man and all those funny things that he says that people find so strange, my whole life I've been hearing them and they make me laugh. And I speak his language; I understand what he's talking about." Awww, sweet! Now, please, tell us the meaning of a minuendo.