Meet The Villains Of The Jesse Eisenberg/Aziz Ansari Action-Comedy 30 Minutes Or Less


Who knew there was something that could make me happier than a photo of Danny McBride brandishing a cross-bow? Turns out, add Nick Swardson to the photo, the whole thing jumps to another level. Really though, I’d laugh watching Swardson take out his recycling (though I’d be screaming at him to do it on roller-skates the entire time), so it’s exciting to see him bringing the evil in Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari’s 30 Minutes Or Less. While we’ve already seen Eisenberg and Ansari’s bank robbing style, new images give a better picture of McBride and Swardson’s nefarious duo, who kidnap and force the hapless Aziz and Jesse to rob a bank. Click through to see the rest of the photos, i.e. a sneak preview of the movie everyone won’t stop quoting come August.