Melancholia Trailer: Kirsten Dunst Is Getting Married, As Long As the World Doesn’t End


When Melancholia cracked Vulture's 100 Things to Look Forward To in 2011, we wrote, "See if Kirsten Dunst makes it to the end of Lars Von Trier's latest, a 'psychological disaster movie,' with her clitoris intact!" Which was a funny reference to Von Trier's genitalia-mashing Antichrist — but also creepily prescient. Turns out the "disaster movie" part of the Melancholia description was more literal than one would ever have guessed with Von Trier: That means, thanks to a secret planet that had been hiding behind the sun (?) and is now colliding with Earth, everything — including, yes, Kirsten Dunst's clitoris — will presumably, by the end of the movie, not be intact. Before that happens, Dunst will possibly marry Alexander Skarsgård, quibble with her sister Charlotte Gainsbourg, get naked in a field, and shoot electricity out of her fingers. Are you confused yet? So are we! Anyway, this looks fantastic.