Morrissey Wants No Part of This Royal-Wedding Business


Morrissey can be so Morrissey-ish sometimes. The Smiths singer has come out solidly against the royal-wedding hullaballoo. In a Radio 4 interview, Morrissey claimed he won't even bother watching the nuptials. "Why would I watch the wedding? I couldn't take any of that seriously," he explained. "I don't think the so-called royal family speak for England now, and I don't think England needs them." But that's not all! "I do seriously believe that they are benefit scroungers, nothing else. I don't believe they serve any purpose whatsoever. I'm not an anarchist, but I believe that people don't want the royal family — the so-called royal family. They're not royal to me, but they're royal to the media for some reason." Sigh. [Digital Spy]