Nintendo Will Debut Wii Follow-up in 2012


Though the Wii has spent the last few years handily outselling its competitors, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, the comparatively underpowered console has slowed over the last year as its rivals introduced their own takes on motion control. Today, Nintendo confirmed rumors that in a bid to recapture buzz and market dominance, the company's successor to the Wii will be released in 2012, at least two years before Microsoft and Sony are expected to release their next consoles. Internally code-named Project Cafe, the Wii follow-up will include a controller that eschews the Wii's slim white wand for a more conventional controller with a large, 6.2-inch touch screen built in. Whether that will make Wii bowling any easier for your mom has not yet been determined. [Kotaku]