No, the Hangover II Monkey Isn’t Addicted to Cigarettes


With drunk babies dominating our headlines this month, perhaps director Todd Phillips was unaware of how plausible it would seem to joke that Crystal, the monkey who co-stars in The Hangover Part II, was now addicted to cigarettes after smoking them for the film. "This was a joke," he explained to Movieline when his off-the-cuff remark supposedly sparked PETA protests. "I make comedies. If you read the story, it doesn't even make sense. 'On the set of her new film, she won't stop smoking cigarettes.' Umm. Really? Maybe just take them away from her. Or at least take her money away so she can't buy them any longer." And for the record, added Phillips: "She also appears to do cocaine in the movie, but I guarantee you that she didn't do that either (I can't, however, comment on Ken Jeong's cocaine use in the film)." [Movieline]