Norm MacDonald on the Joy of Bombing


If you want to fan the flames of your excitement boner/lady boner for tonight’s premiere of Sports Show With Norm MacDonald on Comedy Central, then go read the entirety of the Norm MacDonald A.V. Club interview. Everything he says is a dark gem. Rather than discuss his new gig, MacDonald instead explains why stand-ups can’t act, insults Jerry Seinfeld and reveals the exquisite pleasure of completely bombing. “I guess what I find funny is that when I’m bombing, I start smirking; then they fucking hate me. Because they think I’m making fun of them or something. But the reality of it makes me laugh,” Norm muses. “If I’m in the back of the room and a guy’s fucking bombing, that’s the fucking funniest thing ever. There’s nothing funnier than seeing that. So I have a little bit of an out-of-body experience where I enjoy the scenario, and I really do like seeing a crowd turn into a mob, and I do nothing to stop it. People can become really dangerous.”

Of course, if you saw Norm’s stand-up special “Me Doing Stand-Up” last month, you know the real reason people would lose it is if they realized they’ll just never be as funny as him. I flipped over my kitchen table in a blind rage after his joke about his cat walking across his belly.

Despite his attempts at sitcom success with Norm (1999 to 2001)and A Minute With Stan Hooper (2003 to 2004), MacDonald has pretty much given up on portraying anyone but himself. “I found out when I got to the States that they’ll take stand-ups and put them in these fucking TV shows and movies, and they suck. They’re no fucking good, because stand-up doesn’t train you to be an actor. It’s the opposite,” Norm complains. “Even the [star of the] greatest sitcom ever, Seinfeld, can’t fucking act at all. If you watch that show and you didn’t know it was called Seinfeld, you’d think it was called The George Costanza Show.” God, I hope all the sports facts in his new show don’t get in the way of Norm’s filthy bon mots. I’ll have to teach my brain to filter them out.