Peter Jackson Geeks Out on Facebook, Drives Hobbit Interest on the Anticipation Index


Peter Jackson took to Facebook last night for a long defense of his decision to film The Hobbit at 48 frames per second (fps), sending the Hobbit-obsessed to their Twitters and causing the film to rise to No. 6 on the Anticipation Index. Films have been shot at 24 fps "since the late 1920's," according to Jackson, but shooting at the higher speed will result in "hugely enhanced clarity and smoothness" and a picture that "looks much more lifelike, and is much easier to watch, especially in 3-D." Also helping push The Hobbit up the list was a new NME interview with Elijah Wood, in which he confessed that he still isn't sure what he's going to be doing in the film, since his character, Frodo Baggins, doesn't actually figure in the original Hobbit story. But whatever he ends up doing, at least it'll be very clear and smooth. [Anticipation Index]