Pusha T Has Beautiful Chauffeurs and the Respect of Crazy Homeless People


The music video for Pusha's merciless solo single "My God" mostly consists of our hero getting whipped around town, in a drop-top Lamborghini, by a buxom female in a tight leather skirt. Did you know that having an attractive woman as an inappropriately dressed chauffeur was a new way to demonstrate your suaveness and appeal? Vulture did not, till just now. Vulture approves. Also on hand here: an adorable all-moppet drum line, grainy VHS footage of bonkers faith-healing sessions, a brief but much-appreciated zombie impersonation, a requisite posse shot, and one hell of a sharp tuxedo. More important: At one point, presumably while they are idling at a light, Push makes eye contact with this nutbag old homeless dude — the kind of guy who mutters to himself and has a shopping cart full of garbage and everything — then the dude does this little dance, pointing at Pusha and waving his hands in the air, and Pusha nods back solemnly in agreement. What the hell is going on there?!! (One theory: The homeless dude is God.) The YouTube clip also mentions something called Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray EP, which is apparently coming out in June, and that's good news.