Which Self-Professed ‘Classy’ Real Housewife of New York Is Actually Classy? Anybody?


According to The Real Housewives of New York, there are two kinds of housewives: classy (whoever is speaking) and classless (everybody else). And yet for all of their labeling, the ladies' definition of "class" remains somewhat murky. Is it manners? Wealth? Stature among your peers? Countess LuAnn de Lesseps tried to codify the term in her 2009 book Class with the Countess; the first chapter defines it as the “art of being yourself.” And yet, the cast constantly proclaims that they are always being true to themselves (or, in reality parlance, "keeping it real"), but it still leads to them all calling each other classless. So who is right? To find out, we sat down and analyzed each housewife's level of class, taking in all of the evidence for and against. Through this, we will be able to rank them all in descending order of classiness. Who will win? The classiness may surprise you.