Yes, Roland Emmerich Put Giant CG Battle Scenes in His Shakespeare Movie


The conspiratorial idea that William Shakespeare didn't actually write his own plays could make for a nifty, small-budgeted drama, but that's not what you hire director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012) to make, is it? And so we have the trailer for Anonymous, which inflates its story with cannon fire! Battle scenes! God's-eye views of a reconstructed Elizabethan England positively teeming with lil' CG people! And, for as long as the trailer can get away with it, absolutely no talking (aside from the pleasant and exceedingly anachronistic trill of Radiohead)! We assume that Emmerich still plans to add a few more staples from his oeuvre, including explosions and disintegrating cityscapes — perhaps the special effects just weren't done yet? — but this will do nicely until Michael Bay decides to give us a turbo-charged, modelized version of Madame Bovary. [Coming Soon]