Ryan Gosling May Play the Lone Ranger to Johnny Depp’s Tonto


Ryan Gosling is in talks to star in The Lone Ranger, opposite Johnny Depp, according to the Wrap. The talks are still early, and scheduling problems may prevent Gosling from nabbing the titular role, alongside Depp's Tonto, but it would be a major film for the actor: Gore Verbinski, who helmed the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, is directing; Justin Haythe, who penned Revolutionary Road, is writing the script; and Jerry Bruckheimer is producing. Even if we prefer our Gosling characters drug-addled, love-addled, or both, the part sounds sort of perfect for him: "Ranger is a masked lawman who, with his Native American friend Tonto, fights injustice" in a "sly, somewhat subversive version of the classic Old West tale," with Tonto as the narrator. Then again, pretty much every part sounds perfect for him. Sigh. [Wrap]