See a Very Young ODB, GZA, and RZA Awkwardly Hanging Out on a Public-Access Show


The reconstituted hip-hop publication Ego Trip has dug up a real vintage gem: a video clip of a pre–Wu-Tang Clan ODB, RZA (known as Prince Rakeem at the time), and GZA (a.k.a. the Genius) being interviewed on public-access show Rhythm & Soul way back in 1991. Explains Ego Trip's J-Zone: "Rhythm & Soul was a Bronx-based, short-lived, bodega-style version of Yo! MTV Raps. Living in Westchester County at the time, I got all of the Bronx’ public access shows on cable due to its close proximity. This show came on Saturday nights and was off the air by the summer of ’91." The three are promoting Words From the Genius, GZA's pre–Liquid Swords debut, so ODB doesn't have a chance to do anything particularly nutty. He does, at one point, beatbox while GZA rips through a verse, and that's a nice moment. Also appropriate: The host, for no reason, seems truly terrified, as if she had a premonition as to the diabolical ruthless emcees these three nice boys would one day grow into. [EgoTrip]