Sequel for Hugh Jackman’s Robot-Boxing Movie Already In the Works


Real Steel, the absurd-sounding robot-boxing movie starring Hugh Jackman as a father who trains a machine to fight in the World Robot Boxing League that Vulture has been eagerly — eagerly! — anticipating since we first heard about it, will not be out until October. As if we were not looking forward to Jackman-controlled robots pounding on each other enough, here comes news to amp us up: Dreamworks has already ordered a sequel script. Ordering a sequel in advance of release happens on occasion — Warner Bros. did it for The Hangover, Disney just did it for Tron: Legacy — and it can be taken as a sign that the studio thinks the movie is going to make bank (either because it's good, or in the case of Tron because it's a franchise). Basically, DreamWorks is saying they think Real Steel is going to be ... good. So, potentially, Real Steel will not just an awfulsome spectacular, it will be a good awfulsome spectacular! October, hurry up! [Deadline]