Share Your Soap-Opera Nostalgia in This Time of Mourning

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane on All My Children Photo: ABC

One Life to Live and All My Children just got canceled, and if most of us aren't regular soap watchers (a little less than 500,000 women between ages 18 and 49 watched in one week last month), that doesn't mean we don't have fond and/or random memories. So let's grieve through sharing: What's your best memory from these series? Your favorite story line? Your favorite character? The coziest place you ever watched an episode? We'll go first (and please excuse our, uh, specificity). Our favorite story line, hands-down, is the One Life to Live Todd Manning rape story line. Another favorite thing: this All My Children character Gillian's craaaazy accent (and yes, that is Josh Duhamel back before he was Mr. Fergie). Your turn!