In Toronto, Charlie Sheen Appeases Audience by Naming First Celebrity Hookup


Charlie Sheen's generally unsuccessful "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour hit Toronto Thursday night. So how did the maSheen perform in another country? TMZ said the crowd was "loving" it. But according to Toronto's Globe and Mail, Sheen needed time to win over the intoxicated audience, which he did by spilling gossip. "This is getting so ugly," a reporter for the paper tweeted. "Crowd so drunk so brain damaged cannot hear timid in comparison Sheen." According to Globe and Mail, Sheen eventually "appeased" the crowd when he claimed his former CBS bosses knew he was "high for eight years," and that discussions for his possible return to Two and a Half Mendenied by CBS brass on Thursday — are "going forward." He also brought a little person onstage. But here's an interesting nugget: Sheen's best friends, in order, are Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, and his father, Martin Sheen, he said. And here's something we honestly didn't need to think about: Sheen said the first celebrity he ever "banged" was Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey. So now you know. [HR]