Spider-Man to Now Turn Off Even More Dark


The reconfigured version of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark starts May 12, after a brief hiatus, meaning this weekend is the last chance to see Julie Taymor's original vision. When the show returns, it will do so without the geek chorus, but with a lesser role for the villain Arachne (now a "guardian angel") and a bigger role for the Green Goblin, who no longer dies in act one. In general, says the New York Times, the idea is to make this "family-friendly" entertainment in order to increase "grosses by a few hundred thousand dollars a week, which would give the show a better chance of someday paying back its investors." A spokesperson for Taymor says: "Julie feels that the early reviews that published before the show was ready to open sadly do not reflect the show that is closing this weekend.  Most critics, in fact, will have never seen this latest version before they see one that greatly changes major threads of the story, choreography and songs.” If ever there were a time for Sad Julie Taymor Ice Sculpture, truly, it is now. [NYT]