Talihina Sky Trailer: Kings of Leon, Never Say Never


Much like Justin Bieber before them, Kings of Leon now have their own documentary tracing their ascent from humble small-town Christians to shriek-inducing arena act. KoL's movie, though, has a bit more drinking, smoking, cussing, religious confusion, parental regret, mimed drug use, guns, yelling, fighting, and near-weeping. There is a similar amount of home footage, maybe, although Talihina's is more butt-revealing. It looks pretty great! The movie premieres at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival and will presumably make its way into the general world, either via a theatrical release or some kind of exclusively packaged special-edition DVD something or other. At that point we'd suggest, based on the material seen here, that you check it out — even if your musical inclinations run closer to, say, the dulcet sounds of Justin Bieber. So was this whole Ryan Murphy kiss-and-make-up thing secretly promo?!