Terrifically American: Seth Meyers Psyches Himself Up For The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner


In preparation for Seth Meyers’ White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner gig tomorrow night, Poltico has helpfully detailed the many, many obstacles that face any comedian who dare zing the District: awful acoustics, a particularly picky crowd with a vast political knowledge, the rippling sexual tension that flows between all the reporters like a erotic river (I’m assuming). It doesn’t help that President Obama is, you know, actually funny, in addition to being the leader of the free world. “The president is sitting next to you while you’re telling jokes, and no matter how interesting you are to look at, you’re probably not as interesting as looking at the president looking at you telling jokes,” Meyers notes, admitting that many friends and colleagues have warned him about the tough crowd. “The fun of this is that there are so few things like it where it’s, to some degree, a roast of the most powerful person in the world, which is such a risky proposition for a comedian. But it’s also such a terrifically American undertaking that this night exists at all.” At least Meyers finally as a venue to bust out that John Kerry impression one last time.