The Adorable Antagonism Between Conan O’Brien And Jack McBrayer


I loved hearing about the cruel edge to Jack McBrayer and Conan O’Brien’s friendship in Conan Can’t Stop. It says a little something about the human desire to destroy that which is vulnerable and good. Also, Jack’s accent is so cute! Last night’s Jack McBrayer’s Conan interview was like watching Conan poke an adorable Southern bird through the bars of it’s gilded cage. “Your jokes are stupid and hurtful,” Jack admonished when Conan wonders aloud if his parents rode horses to New York. “Don’t be rude,” McBrayer says, smiling through his rage as O’Brien gleefully jabs his fingers at him.” I hate it here.” After teasing him about calling Brad Pitt “Mr. Pitt,” Conan claims “It’s very polite. I’m not putting you down.” Jack shouts, “You clearly are.” It’s like Conan can’t help by provoke MacBrayer, and It. Is Adorable.