The Change-Up Trailer: A Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds Switcheroo


Vulture has previously catalogued the frequently used "that's not my face" trope and the "diapers are hard to use" trope, but had not, until today, had occasion to imagine these two clichés appearing in the same movie. Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, and their new movie The Change-Up to the rescue! In this movie, Jason Bateman is a bored dad (with diaper problems), and Ryan Reynolds a hedonistic single guy. They both momentarily wish for the others' life, and while pissing into a fountain that gets hit by lightning (just go with it) — voilà! — they switch bodies. Now the married dad has a chance to bang his co-worker (Olivia Wilde), and the single guy gets to have sex with his friend's wife (Leslie Mann) — that is, until he learns being married means pooping in front of each other and his desire flags. Reynolds and Bateman are both charmers, and they're going for it here, and we laughed a few times, but this whole thing feels ... weird. What a bizarro paint-by-the-numbers plot. And this is a small thing, but early on, Reynolds, supposedly the cool guy, says, "Tatiana calls me at three in the morning and wants to fuckstein." Fuckstein? That is what cool guys says? All to say, maybe you take this premise, make a Funny or Die video, and leave it at that.