Weinsteins Suing for Rights to The Crow Remake [Update]


Thanks to Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Relativity's remake of The Crow -- which is negotiating with Bradley Cooper to fill the role made famous by Brandon Lee -- just flew straight into a legal battle. The Weinsteins claim their company has worldwide distribution rights to the project, not Relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh; said the brother's lawyer Bert Fields to Deadline, "If anybody tries to buy these distribution rights [to] The Crow, they are buying nothing but a lawsuit and they will get sued." (UPDATE: Relativity just responded in a statement: "This is yet another typical litigation stunt from the Weinsteins who have a long history of threatening law suits with the sole purpose of intimidation ... Clearly this is a feeble attempt to create a press stir and a malicious effort to interfere with Relativity's development of the project.") This is the third high-profile lawsuit the Weinsteins have been involved with this year: They're also being sued by Michael Moore, who claims the brothers cheated him out of profits from Fahrenheit 9/11, and filmmakers Brian Inerfeld and Tony Leech, who say Harvey was too busy eating M&Ms off the floor to pay attention to their movie. [Deadline]