The Governator Trailer: If Only Arnold’s Political Problems Had Included Killer Robots


One of the TV Funhouse sketches that used to run on Saturday Night Live was The X Presidents, an animated send-up that gave ridiculous superpowers to former heads of state like Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't get the joke: The trailer for his new cartoon The Governator is here, and from its premise to its herky-jerky animation, it's a straight-faced takeoff on Robert Smigel's SNL bit. It also suggests that Arnold would have liked governing California a lot more if, instead of dealing with red tape and state bankruptcy, he got to fight killer robots in San Francisco to a Black Eyed Peas soundtrack. (Maybe he should have let the killer robots steal their bags of money instead of tearing San Francisco apart while fighting them? But we suppose these are the sort of no-win situations our politicians must confront on a daily basis.) [Coming Soon]