The PG-13 King’s Speech Flops


The King's Speech may have lost its most potent cuss words for the PG-13 version released into theaters on Friday, but you can bet they aren't being censored in Weinstein Company offices today. That's because despite a new marketing campaign built around the "family-friendly" version, the movie fell further this weekend, placing fourteenth with a box-office take just under $1.2 million and a weak $1,181 per-screen average on over 1,000 screens. In trying to goose the film's already enormous $135 million gross, Harvey Weinstein indicated that he was just trying to replicate the success it had in the U.K. with a less restrictive rating; what he may not have factored in is that the film did better with British people because it's about, y'know, British people. [Box Office Mojo]