This M.I.A.–Swizz Beatz Thing Is Really Happening


Word got out last week over M.I.A.'s recent batch of surprise collaborators: Chris Brown, Polow da Don, and Swizz Beatz. And it looks like Maya's gotten particularly chummy with that last fellow: A short video of the pair carousing in the studio — which consists mostly of Swizz showing off his Keith Haring and Basquiat tattoos while a rapt M.I.A. looks on, shot in grainy footage reminiscent of that long-ago time when M.I.A. and Diplo taped themselves rocking to "Paper Planes" before anyone had heard it — has surfaced. This is exciting! Because it's one thing to hear about rumored studio sessions, and another to get video proof; now one can rightfully get carried away imagining the fruits of their unlikely co-labor. Swizz told Rap-Up that the two have five or six records done, and that said records may end up on either one of their next projects. Or how about a quick-release collaborative EP?! [Rap-Up]